About Us

​Who Are We?

Arabian Food Corporation, a member of A. Raouf Abuzinadah Group, is one of the major importers and wholesalers of frozen, chilled, and dry fine food products in Saudi Arabia. From our modest beginnings decades ago, we have built our passion for good food to become a principal supplier of existing, top quality products that appeal to a full spectrum of niche markets. Today we supply over a hundred perishable food items from five continents. We bring national product scope and buying power to local retailers and corporate outlets though our massive network of warehouse space situated in two facilities, much of which is climate controlled. Immediate product availability and pricing are achieved through advanced ordering and inventory systems that can be accessed in-store from our networks' computers. Reliable product flow and and uncompromising quality are ensured by our temperature controlled trucking fleet, which logs over 1,000 kilometers each day. The biggest advantage AFC offers, however, is our people. We bring unique market niche experience, extensive retail experience, and the seasoned judgment to create the right program for each retailer's individual needs. Such value is one that only Arabian Food Corporation can deliver in Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

Arabian Food Corporation is dedicated to providing customers of all sizes and locations within Saudi Arabia with cost-effective access to high-quality specialty food products from around the world. We achieve our goal through utilization of international buying power, national warehousing and supply capabilities, leading-edge technologies, and the innovation and tenacious commitment of our exceptional team of professionals. At Arabian Food Corporation, we deliver success to our customers and supply partners.