Canadian Beef Cuts

Beef Tenderloin


Beef Tenderloin is lean, elegant, and dazzling. It is the highest-quality beef roast. Fine texture and mild, Beef Tenderloin is sold as a whole piece. It is best cooked by grilling or roasting.

Origin: Canada
Packing: 2 - 3 Kg

Carton Packing: 12 - 15 Kg

Beef Topside


Beef Topside is a large cut of beef, cut from the top of the leg, and is the leanest and most popular of all beef joints. The topside cut of beef is rolled and divided into a boneless joint and is then best dished up rare or medium rare, cut into large thin slices.

Origin: Canada
Packing: 5 Kg

Carton Packing: 5 Kg x 6

Beef Ribeye


Rich and juicy with generous marbling throughout, the Beef Ribeye is a premium cut of beef that is fine-grained and tender. It is one of the most highly prized cuts of beef. 

Origin: Canada
Packing: 6 Kg
Carton Packing: 6 Kg x 2

Beef Sirloin


Beef Sirloin is very similar to skirt or flank steak. It is very flavorful and it is finely textured. Sirloin is a tender steak, perfect for broiling and grilling, and should be cooked by dry-heat methods.

Origin: Canada
Packing: 250g
Carton Packing: 250g x 30

Beef Chuck


Beef Chuck comes from the shoulder and neck of the beef and yields some of the most flavorful cuts of meat. It is both fatty and juicy. With its exceptional ratio of marbling and fat, it is a suitable cut to use for ground beef.

Origin: Canada
Packing: 13 Kg
Carton Packing: 13 Kg x 2

Beef Striploin


Beef Striploin is a lean, tender, and flavorful roast that is fine-grained with a sturdy texture. It can be sliced into strip steaks. Serve it medium-rare for best results. 


Origin: Canada
Packing: 6 Kg
Carton Packing: 6 Kg x 2

Beef Short Ribs


Properly braised, Beef Short Ribs are one of the most succulent center of the plate beef eating experiences you will have. This cut is tender, juicy, and meaty. You can take full advantage of its great taste by first braising and then grilling. 

Origin: Canada
Packing: 4 Kg
Carton Packing: 4 Kg x 3

Beef Short Loin


Beef Short Loin is a cut of beef that comes from the back. It contains part of the spine and includes the top loin and the tenderloin. This cut yields types of steak including porterhouse, strip steak, and T-bone steak.

Origin: Canada
Packing: 8 Kg
Carton Packing: 8 Kg x 3

Beef Brisket


Beef Brisket has a rice and beefy flavor. It is a less-tender cut but becomes tender and delicious with long, slow cooking. This cut is excellent for smoking or braising. 

Origin: Canada
Packing: 5 Kg
Carton Packing: 5 Kg x 3

Beef T-Bone Steak


The T-Bone Steak combines two lean, tender steaks. It consists of both top loin and tenderloin steaks, connected by a tell-tale T-shaped bone. Very popular for grilling, this cut can also be broiled and sauteed. 

Origin: Canada
Packing: 394g
Carton Packing: 394g x 12

Beef Porterhouse Steak


Basically an over-sized T-Bone Steak, the Porterhouse is a thicker cut than the T-Bone and has much more of the tenderloin relative to the loin portion. Similar to the T-Bone Steak, the Porterhouse Steak can be broiled, grilled, or sauteed.  

Origin: Canada
Packing: 625g
Carton Packing: 625g x 12

Beef Burger


Made from 100% pure ground beef, American Foods Group's Beef Burgers are prepared by a secret formula of hand-selected cuts of premium beef, giving each hamburger a juicy melt in your mouth. 

Origin: Canada
Packing: 100g
Carton Packing: 100g x 50

Beef Bacon


Beef Bacon is first cured using large quantities of salt, either in a brine or in a dry packing. It may then be further dried for weeks or months in cold air, boiled, or smoked. Beef Bacon is used for sandwiches, burgers, and many other dishes. 

Origin: USA
Packing: 340g
Carton Packing: 340g x 16

Ground Beef


Produced from primal cuts that include chuck, round, and sirloin, American Foods Group's Ground Beef is of superior quality and value. With a lean percentage of 80, the Ground Beef is packed into a chub for ease of use.   

Origin: Canada
Packing: 1.8 Kg
Carton Packing: 1.8 Kg x 8