Lamb Cuts

Lamb Tenderloin


Lamb Tenderloin is the tender and juicy section of the lamb that is highly prized for its taste and texture. Lamb Tenderloin is slightly leaner than Lamb Rack and is an excellent cut to grill or broil.

Origin: Australia

Packing: 700g - 1,000g

Carton Packing: 14 Kg 

Lamb Rack


Consisting of 8 ribs, the Lamb Rack is exceptionally tender and fine flavored. This cut is undoubtedly one of the most prized cuts of lamb. Rack of Lamb and Rip Chops are best cooked rare to medium-rare to maximize its tender, juicy qualities.

Origin: Australia

Packing: 1 Kg

Carton Packing: 15 - 17 Kg

Lamb Rack (French Cut)


Lamb Rack can also be Frenched, meaning the ribs are cleaned of meat and connective tissue before cooking for an elegant presentation.

Origin: Australia

Packing: 1 Kg

Carton Packing: 15 - 17 Kg

Lamb Shank


Flavorful lamb shanks are the shin of the legs, either front or back, sold on the bone. One shank will feed one person very well. The shank is full of connective tissue, which means that it is best cooked long and slow, in a braise or stew.

Origin: Australia

Packing: 1.2 - 1.5 Kg

Carton Packing: 15 - 19 Kg

Lamb Loin


Loin of lamb comes from the middle-lower section of the rear quarter. The loin is usually divided into loin chops and lamb tenderloin. A lamb loin can be boned, rolled and tied, or cut into loin chops. This jewel of the lamb is very tender, and cooking time should be minimal.

Origin: Australia

Packing: 2.0 - 2.5 Kg

Carton Packing: 14 - 19 Kg

Lamb Leg (Bone In / Boneless)


Lamb Leg is sold both on the bone and boneless; the latter is more convenient because it makes for easier carving. Leg of lamb is a lean, tender cut, so it is best when roasted or grilled.

Origin: Australia

Packing: 2.5 - 3 Kg
Carton Packing: 17 - 19 Kg


Lamb Shoulder


Lamb shoulder, rich in connective tissue, is your best choice for stews and braises. Shoulder is also sometimes cut into steaks. Lamb shoulder is best cooked by braising, stewing, roasting, or grilling.

Origin: Australia

Packing: 2.2 - 2.5 Kg

Carton Packing: 15 - 20 Kg

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