Veal Cuts

Veal Tenderloin


The Milk-Fed Veal Tenderloin is the most tender cut and is full of flavor. From the Tenderloin, you can cut medallions, petite fillets, or you can roast the tenderloin whole. Pan sear, sauté, grill, broil, roast, or stir fry the medallions and petite fillets.

Origin: Holland

Packing: 1 - 2 Kg

Carton Packing: 15 - 20 Kg

Veal Topside


Incredibly tender Milk-Fed Veal Topside has a light, delicate taste that is unforgettable. This lean cut is a great candidate for a gentle braise or pot-roast. Completely boneless, simply slice into gorgeous veal steaks or roast as whole to create a delicious gourmet dinner.

Origin: Holland

Packing: 4 - 5 Kg

Carton Packing: 15 - 20 Kg

Veal Shank (Osso Bucco)


Osso Bucco in Italian literally means "hollow bone." The bone and its marrow are what makes this dish unique. The shank is cut in a way that the bone marrow is exposed, and thus can permeate the cooking, making it extremely flavorful.

Origin: Holland

Packing: 1.2 - 1.5 Kg

Carton Packing: 15 - 20 Kg 

Veal Rack


Our tender Milk-Fed Veal Rack makes a magnificent and tasty roast. They say that the nearer the bone the sweeter the meat, and that's certainly true for this superb cut.  Roast the entire rack for a stunning dinner party presentation or portion into 6-7 Veal rib-chops.

Origin: Holland

Packing: 2 Kg

Carton Packing: 10 - 15 Kg

Veal Striploin


Exceptionally lean Milk-Fed Veal Striploin offers great flavor and tenderness and is usually used for steaks. It can be portioned into cuts, medallions, and cutlets once the silverskin and external connective tissue is removed.

Origin: Holland

Packing: 3 Kg

Carton Packing: 15 - 19 Kg

Veal Leg (Bone In / Boneless)


Imported both Bone-In and Boneless, our Milk-Fed Veal Leg is naturally lean and very tender. It is succulent in taste and absorbs flavorings beautifully. Suitable for roasting, braising, and frying once they are cut into thin steaks. 

Origin: Holland / New Zealand

Packing: 1 - 5 Kg

Carton Packing: 20 - 25 Kg